Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Megan" Still life #1" --20"x16"

Critique of Megan's Painting by Sarah ...BCC Student
Different brushwork techniques would enhance this piece greatly, as the majority of the brushstrokes are similar and very smooth. Perhaps up close they differ, but from the picture they all look alike. This would add more texture to the background, making it more interesting, although I do like the different shades of colors, giving the illusion of light to dark. The fruit looks rather cubist. Perhaps more detail in the fruit would give it a more realisitic feel. I'm not too fond of the composition as I favor more of the objects in the painting rather than most objects being cropped off. It is evident that the fruit is the focal point, but I think that by either painting one additional whole element would show the relationship better between the objects. To enhance the illusion of light and shadow, more highlights on the violin and the fruit would be beneficial, as well as more shadow on the underside of the lemon and upright pear. To enhance the relationship of colors, more red can be brought into the background or cloth in the foreground, instead of just incorporating the red into the apple and the upright pear. Either that or bring some purple from the background into the fruit. To enhance to sense of form and volume in the painting, more detail in the violin or lion would benefit the painting as a whole. Some more detail in the lemon would also make it look more like a lemon. It is obvious that it is a lemon because there are other fruits surrounding it, but without those fruit, it would be hard to identify. To suggest more movement and rhythm in the painting, bolder brushstrokes in the background can be implemented. To the artist, I realize that time was an issue, and I'm sure you would've made more changes that you thought necessary to improve the painting. I do like how the yellow of the lemon and the purple of the background complement each other nicely.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To improve on the background in the painting the I would make more dynamic brush strokes and have the background look less gradated. And if you add another color from the fruit to the warm area it may incorporate the background more.
Bringing more of the violin into the composition could add more movement to the piece. Also bringing the fruit down farther on the picture plain may give the items a better sense of being grounded.
To enhance the light and shadow in the painting, a few more highlights could be added, especially on the lion and the violin. Darkening the accent on the pear on the right side would give a better idea that it is sitting on the table instead of floating in the air. Bringing in some of the complementary colors, or just a cool color, into the shadows would enhance not only the shadow's vividness but it would also bring up the color harmony.
Try to bring the red from the apple into the paint can on the side or into the lemon because the light probably reflects the color onto the other forms.
Changing the brush strokes and making them more visible could add more volume and more movement in the painting at the same time. You could also, to add volume, darken up the form shadows and maybe bring some of the colors of the fruit into their own cast shadows right around the base of the form.

March 21, 2007 at 5:20 AM  

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