Sunday, March 4, 2007

Janelle" Still life #1" --20"x16"


Blogger Naomi Chiu said...

I love the way she handled the front light of form, the wine bottle especially, because it appears to reflect something. I also like the brushstrokes of negative space. That’s unique and makes a lot of movement. There are three my personal suggestions. First of all, I think she can make the dark side of background darker with cool color. To enhance more contrast between objects and background that will make the objects more outstanding. Second, the garlic and the grapes below seem to float in the air. If there were more shadow of form to connect with cast shadow on the table, it may help. Finally, keep what she done to the foreground, because I really like the light brushstrokes on the table.

March 16, 2007 at 7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a nice painting however, the negative space as well as the background look a little linear. Maybe if the brush strokes where a little more expressive and not so uniform the negative space would be a little more interesting to look at. A different arrangement of the objects may have made for a more interesting composition as well. The feel of lighting looks really good to me. The use of color seems to be repetitive throughout which unifies the piece. Darker darks as might make the forms appear to roll around a little more than they do. A stronger relationship of colors throughout the painting might give the painting more movement and rythm but overall it is a great painting.

March 18, 2007 at 2:56 PM  
Blogger pradap said...

Janelle “Still Life 1” critique Megan E.
Let me begin first by saying that I really enjoy the overall quality of this piece. The use of a tetradic, or double complementary, color scheme creates an aesthetic quality to the work. There is room for improvement however, with the relationship of the objects to each other, and to the surrounding space. This can be corrected with minor adjustments.
In its current state, the negative space between the objects in the painting causes too much tension. It seems as though each of the objects are fighting for their space on the canvas, instead of uniting. Positioning them closer together, and in a more interesting way, would instate a more unified composition. This allows the viewer’s eyes to travel more fluidly around the entire painting, viewing it as a complete composition, rather than individual objects. These objects can also be unified with the background by simply applying each of the complementary color schemes in all areas of the painting. The blue and orange that make up the complementary color scheme in the background need to be placed more effectively throughout the objects in the foreground. I see some orange in the grapes, and blue in the bottle, these just need to be reinstated. As well, some of the red/green color scheme should be implemented in the brushwork of the negative space. In addition, some of the brushwork in the background could be varied a little more, in order to establish a sense of movement. This helps the viewer’s eyes to travel more easily throughout the work. In doing this, the rhythm of the painting becomes more fluid. This varied brushwork has a dual role, while enhancing the negative space as well. One last area to be resolved may be that of the illusion of light and shadow, which in fact helps give the objects a sense of volume and a place in space. These qualities are represented extremely well with the brushwork on the garlic. Form light and form shadow give a sense of depth and shape to the object. There could be a bit more emphasis on the cast shadows of the objects on the foreground. Enhancing the deep values just beneath the objects, and lightening the highlighted areas of the foreground, will help to establish their presence, and the depth of the area. These techniques could be used to help the red onion and the grapes on the left to really pop and look lifelike and tangible.

March 18, 2007 at 6:06 PM  
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