Friday, January 12, 2007

Hyesook "Still life #1 -- 20x16"


Blogger tyson said...

The negative space in this piece looks a little bit chunky. The brush strokes need to be a little bit finer, and although i like that the painter incorporated the colors from the fruit and the egg into the background, it seems splotchy to me. The composition needs some fixing; the edges are all too crowded. In the bottom right-hand corner, the clarinet is creating tension, leading the eye off of the painting. On the right side, the basket is touching the edge and so is the glass container. I think the top of the bottle should have been included, too. The shadows need to be much darker. The depth of the painting is lessened by the lack of contrast. The shadows need to be about as dark as the label on the bottle. Overall, the relationship between colors is very good. It almost looks like you could draw a line from the top left to the bottom right and it would be warm on one side and cool on the other. Like i stated before, I like how the colors meld into the background. Form and volume are good in most areas of the painting, except the clarinet needs to be foreshortened. Also, the basket has virtually no depth. This might be due to the difficulties of painting the pattern of the weave. This painter could achieve more movement by cleaning up the edges and zooming out on the composition. If the edges were less cluttered, the eye would move much more freely around the painting. Overall though, this is a very good piece with a great sense of form

March 20, 2007 at 11:03 PM  

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