Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hyesook" Still life #1" --18"x24"


Blogger MeaganJ said...

The negative space in this painting has great brushwork, however, it looks like the forms where outlined. That is the first thing I noticed when I looked at the painting and it takes away form the piece. Complementary colors of blue and orange were used on the left side of the painting and it looks like purple and green on the right. I think if only blue and orange where used in the negative space it would blend more and would enhance the piece. I think the compositition is good. I personally like it when objects are cropped and go off the page, but I feel that is a personal opinion. I also find it more interesting when objects aren’t centered on the page, but again that is a personal opinion. Light and shadow was handled well in this piece. The pumpkin could use more shadow on it so that it doesn’t stick out so much. If more caste shadows were used on all the objects they would appear more grounded. I like how orange from the pumpkin was brought into the teapot and negative space, but a brighter, more intense orange in the negative space would help the pumpkin not stand out so much. All objects appear to have volume in the painting. The movement in this piece is also very good. I’m not sure what could be done to improve it. The main things I would do to improve this piece would be not to outline the forms in the negative space and to use the same bright orange that was used in the pumpkin in the negative space to take some attention away from the pumpkin.

March 18, 2007 at 3:40 PM  
Blogger Will said...

The negative space seems like it needed to be blended from the lighter sided to the darker side better. It has a good use of the colors from the painting in it and seems to be varied in texture well. Softer edges on the shadow sides of the objects would help them blend and transfer into the negative space nicely. As far as composition goes it has a nice shape to the painting. One thing I would suggest would be to create some more depth to the painting somehow. Whether it would be placing the objects in front of or behind one another more often. Another way to improve depth in your painting would be to increase the difference in value between your lights and shadows. Its been done in some areas like the one white vase to the left and in the green apple. The pumpkin and the top white vase are examples of things that could be darkend in the shadow area. As far as the relationship between colors it seems to be done very well. There are a few areas that could be improved like the gold coffee pot. It might add some effect if some red from the flag was brought into that. Its hard to determain what the focal point of this painting is. There really doesn't seem to be a main object that draws my attention immediatly. The flag stick and direction of the flag seems to dram my eye up towards the garlic and the vase at the top. All of these ideas are simply based on what I can see from the picture online and are all just intended to be helpful. In my opinion the painting seems to be really good and it was hard to find things to suggest.

March 18, 2007 at 4:12 PM  
Blogger Alaina said...

I really like how well the multiple objects were handled in this painting. The brushwork in the negative space is great because it's not too contrasting from the rest of the painting but it's still very expressive of the background and mood. Maybe the darker tone by the pitchers could be brought into more of the negative space on the left, because it's almost a blue-green and it goes well in contrast to the orange tint on the right. I like the composition because it doesn't feel too busy even though there are a lot of objects. Maybe if the ones in the very back were darkened or less defined, the objects in the front would stand out even more. Another idea would be to crop the last object on the left so the focus becomes the other side. The shadows were done very well, especially on the folds of the flag and on the pitcher closest to the foreground. Maybe more light could be added to that pitcher to set it apart from the pitcher behind it even more so, like on the teapot. The teapot definitely stands out with the color and light reflection on it! For color relationships, I like how the color of the teapot is brought into some of the reflections on the pitcher to the left of it. Maybe more of the colors could be brought out in those objects, like the violet of the onion and grapes or the green of the apple. The volume of the teapot, pitcher, fruits, flag, and tables is very nice because of the shadows. To add form to the objects in the background, maybe some darker shadows could be added and the edges could be blended into the background. I like how rhythm is suggested with the variation of sizes of objects and positioning of the flag. The flag adds a diagonal to the composition which helps bring out objects in the background. To add more rhythm, maybe add more light like on the teapot to other major objects to create a hierarchy. I like how the fruits are subtle. They create a lot of harmony in the painting. My only suggestion for movement would be to define the objects in the very back less by painting through some of the edges, because the foreground, major objects are defined so well and that would bring them out even more.

March 19, 2007 at 8:52 AM  

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