Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sam: 20x16 "Skull"

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I have achieved my goals in Art 116. I wanted to see if I had a potential to paint artistic images and enjoy the process. I feel that I accomplished both those objectives. I have a long way to go before I could consider myself a well-developed artist but that it would be worth the effort in the long term.
I do well with form; my paintings strongly resemble the object or form painted. The lighting is good although I need to work on mixing colors. Perspective of the painted image is good but I need to work on spatial relationships and size. Composition was adequate but I should restrain myself from always paining the entire image, as a portion of the image may be more successful in conveying the mood or message I wish to get across. I am hesitant to use bold tones or color schemes, but it works well when I go beyond my comfort zone.
I agree that I was very hesitant in the beginning and spontaneous in the landscape It helps that I feel I have caught onto the idea of the under painting as a way to create the illusion of depth and substance in the painted image. I am beginning to get the image to roll away into the background, but I need to practice more to obtain a chiaroscuro effect. I have developed a better eye for tone and color. I am also more patient in rendering the general before specific. I understand the notion of painting the areas of value and am able to identify a wider variety of tones.
Contextually I am narrative, trying just to make a realistic image. As I become more refined I would like to show more symbolism and emotion, especially in rendering facial expressions.
I agree I do better when I loosen up and place less importance in perfectionism. Thank you for providing such a strong learning environment. I am very pleased with both the experience and the outcome as I compare my present level of ability with that which I arrived with on the first day of class. This has been very enhancing of my confidence in my creative process.


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