Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Adam: Niagara Falls 16x20"

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This class was really my first experience with oil painting. It took afew sessions to get used to, but I enjoyed it. I feel my best workcomes when I stay disconnected emotionally from the actual work, as mybrush strokes are free and I'm able to take risks and not worry about'ruining' the piece. If I approach the painting with an almostdisdain, I'm able to keep the strokes more honest. If I'm too close tothe piece I tend to baby it, mistakes become disasters, and fixing themistake becomes an even bigger mistake. Waking up for an 8:00am studiosession definitely helps me disconnect from the painting, as Iinvariably wake up grumpy. Overall I was pleased with my progress as apainter, and plan to continue to develop my work.


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