Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Adam: still life #2 20x16"


Blogger shirl said...

These objects could be enhanced by using a dark blue or bluegreen color to suggest a table or surface in the negative space behind them, A dark blue would complement the orange of the scissors handle, and would make the shadows under the Gameboy more dramatic. The beautiful orange hues could have been made even more striking by the use of a cool blueish gray background to contrast with the warm orange. The brush strokes in the back left area of negative space seem large and hasty; smaller or scumbled strokes would have given it more depth.
This piece seems to lack composition entirely. The scissors float in space next to the Gameboy and instead might have been placed lying on their side slightly in front of the Gameboy. Perhaps another item, such as a drinking glass or a small bottle could have been placed in the composition in the back. The eye is drawn off the canvas by the scissor blades and the edges of the Gameboy. This piece seems to have too much negative space.
Making the painting's negative space darker on the shadowed side and lighter on the light source side would have given a better illusion of light and shadow. And again, the shadows could have been darker under the game (and away from the light). In addition, the scissors have no shadow at all under or around them, so it makes them look suspended in air. The darker side of the Gameboy could have a warmer shadow such as a burnt sienna in it with varying keys for the secondary planes. The blades need some highlights, also.
The color from the scissor handle could have been brought into the side and (slightly) into the front of the Gameboy where the glass is, with possibly an orange highlight in the glass window of the Gameboy. There seems to be only one complement to the orange/red colors, and that is the slightly green glass window on the Gameboy.
The handles of the scissors should have smaller brush strokes to give them a smooth appearance. They could be more real looking by bringing the strokes of the background in and then going over them with the orange to model the form better. The shadowed edges of the Gameboy should be lost in the shadows on the surface..
Suggesting a table or drape with the negative space in back, and highlighting the bottom right corner would give this more movement.

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